Financial freedom with BTC cloud mining by CryptoGandalf

3 min readDec 13, 2020

Dear readers, I want to apologize that I have been absent from my blog posting because of family reasons. Im back for good, and I decided to show you how to make 1000e every month for the rest of your life, with only around 20000 USD investment.

I hope you will remember me if you decide to take action after reading my article because my livelihood in this webpage is affiliate commissions only. Please use my code to register and invest in the following BTC mining company and their product. Sit on tight. Here it starts.

Let’s assume that the Bitcoin price stays at the 18.000 USD level.
The best and only place where you can purchase this magnificent product is, a substantial Chinese crypto cloud mining company.

Perpetual is a product that continues to work so long as long as the mining is profitable, which means that it will last as long as the machinery runs and not break totally in pieces. Price includes all the maintenances. I would think that the time could be as long as seven years, and even after, they most probably will upgrade the miners and offer to you buy it.

NOW comes the TRiCK; what you should do immediately after the first machine has paid you back all its purchase price. DO NOT spend any of the coins. INSTEAD by a new similar contract from them, and after that, you can start cash out your approximately 1000 USD every month.

Happy holidays!

BTC-UNI M31S Wet Season, perpetual 1THs costs 29.80$.
1THs Bitcoin produces at this 18k level 0.13$ day.
M31S consumes electricity 0.049 KW/THs.

During the dry season (the most expensive season), the electricity price is 0.0522$/KWh.M31S produced 1THs price will be at its most costly rate is 24 * 0.049 *0.0522 = 0.0613872$ for one day.

Profit without management fees is 0.0686$ for one 1THs
30% Management fees start to run after 100% of the investment is paid back to you. With management fees, 1THs produces 0.048$ in a day.

To earn 1000$ a month, you need every day 33.33$.
695THs daily profit with management fees is 33.36$.
The price of the oxbtc product 695THs BTC-UNI M31S Wet Season is 20711$.