Gandalfs Scam Report Vol V: Coin Insider

5 min readFeb 6, 2021

Let’s speak about advertising, and more specifically, advertising crypto-based business on the internet. The following events began when I received 75$ advertising money from Google to use in the Google Ads campaign. First, I felt delighted cause I did know that Google Ads is a potent marketing tool for my website.

I created an excellent campaign, and I launched it with my gift money from Google and topped my precious own money worth of 25$. The first hours after launch, I got A LOT of impressions and countless direct hits to my beloved website. Then Google, without any warning or whatsoever, stopped my campaign. Reason being: Cryptocurrencies, not approved in 243 different countries. I thought this is a good thing because crypto-based scam ads are so numerous in the world.

Then, another day I was using Facebook, and I stumbled upon Ad, which looked like a Forbes article. I followed the link, being curious about the Digital Yuan. WTF? It was a 100% scam Forbes, simply luring people to invest in Bitcoin Era’s scam. Scammers Ad was so rude that I decided to use Google and see what I will find. After seeing the result, I got furious. These motherfkers can advertise on Google, but not me with my legit site!

Next, I followed the link to the actual Bitcoin Era webpage. To be 100% sure it is a scam, I used Google Images to search duplicates among them. It is an excellent way to verify scams because they often use stock images on their websites. I found 62 domains that used the same images that were in the Bitcoin Eras site. BOOM.

From those 62 domains, 60 was the same scam with minor changes.

The remaining two sites informed that Bitcoin Era and its duplicates are scam sites, and they were only using the same picture in their articles. Huh, at least there are still few good people out there. If you want to see the real review, There is a link to

The crooks also back up their scam sites with fake and false reviews, which convinces you that Bitcoin Era and all of their like is legit and trustworthy. You just cannot find real reviews. It makes me feel…