Little things that keep you and yours safe

3 min readJan 14, 2021

Let’s start this year with essential protection tips for everyone. Last year there were so many scams and hacks that I think the following simple advice is necessary. Better to be safe than sorry.

Okay, before you start investigating and studying the blockchain and cryptocurrency world, let’s make your office safe against cyberattacks and hacks. Here are the basics. Let’s fix your hardware to stand against any anonymous hacker. Update all your software up to date and use excellent virus protection and VPN to all devices you will use, including mobile phones. Surfshark, for example, is a perfect choice, and it comes at an affordable price.

Next, do not ever connect your laptop or cellphone with what you use for your accounts to any free or public wifi networks. And please control yourself, and don’t surf any adult entertainment sites or other little bit suspicious domains with your working tools. Keep your devices clean, mate. Bookmark your important websites, don’t go through search engines, especially don’t click paid ads. There is a big chance you land on a fake version of the site.

First of all, make a new email, encrypted one, there are two excellent free ones in the market, protonmail, and tutanota. Use that encrypted email with all the accounts you will deposit or invest money or crypto, and don’t use this email for any other purpose ever.

Then download the password manager, for example, LastPass or KeePass. They generate a random password for each service and secure those for you to use later. And, of course, they are encrypted, so they can never be compromised.

Then, always use a 2-factor authentication application when available. I do not think it’s not necessary. I guarantee you; it can be a lifesaver someday. Google Authenticator, for example, is very easy to use and supported almost everywhere. If you happen to have two mobile devices, always put an authenticator to a different machine than your applications. Problem with SMS- or phone call authentications are vulnerable to “sim clone hack,” which clones your sim, closes your number and someone will get all access to your messages, and in the worst case, the hacker can reset the password and relocate your assets to a new home.

Finally, always double or triple check the wallet addresses you are sending coins to; it is straightforward to send to the wrong address, and those assets are gone permanently in the worst case. It has happened at least to me, and undoubtedly to many others.

I wish you all a happy and prosperous new year 2021, and remember to stay safe. Please share this article with everyone you think might need it; let us make the web a safer place together.

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