With CEL even the down is up

3 min readJan 17, 2021

Celsius Network CEL token is a miracle. Its price is dropped 8.68 percent in the week, and I am happy. Am I crazy? Usually, when my investment is going down, I feel anxiety. Should I buy more? Did I analyze it correctly? And other similar thoughts rise in my mind frequently. And this time I am happy? Why?

I have selected to earn all in CEL and get higher interest rates. A temporary drop in CEL price means that interest from all non CEL assets gives me more CEL than in situations where CEL price is higher. There is a clear, direct benefit for me when CEL is temporarily down. Because of compound interest, that small extra turns to considerable gains in the long term. That makes me happy. The dip also allowed me to buy more CEL tokens cheaper, and I need those because I want to move more assets in Celsius and gain the highest interest rates. To get the best rates, at least 20% of coins must be CEL tokens.

How can I be sure that dip is temporary? Currently, Celsius Network users and deposited assets are growing exponentially. The total active depositor count has doubled from 60.000 depositors on October 13th to the current 120.000 depositors. At the same time, net deposits are quadruple from $1.22 billion to $4.91 billion. I can check both numbers directly from the app, use blockchain trackers, or check them on community build trackers. One good community build tracking project is Celsiushub. CEL tokenomics also forces Celsius to buy CEL tokens from outside and give CEL as an interest. New users also buy CEL. Therese facts with exponential growth will not only fill the dip but push CEL token price even higher.

From all lending platforms, I think Celsius will give the best returns. User with $1000 deposits 25% as CEL tokens and the rest as stable coins. Current interest rate for stable coins is 13.86% (0.25% per week) and for CEL 5.12% (0.10% per week) when earn in CEL option is selected. How much investment can return in one year? Let’s assume that rates are not changing and CEL token price rises to double. Rise happens at a constant speed during the year (easier to calculate). In the end, the user has $750 in stable coins, the original 25% CEL deposit value is now $500, and the compounded weekly interest in CEL value is $161.14. The total balance is $1411.14 and one year ROI is an amazing 41.11%. There is no way how BlockFi, Nexo, YouHodler, Aave, Compound, or any other lending platform I know, can compete with Celsius Network ROI. And that is not the only feature where Celsius Network beats…